Olive Oil is a Great Night Time Moisturizer

Dec 07, 11 Olive Oil is a Great Night Time Moisturizer

As we age our skin dries out. Our skin could use some help to stay soft and moisturized. There are many different types of face creams on the market today. Some are to be put on in the morning and others are to be applied at night. Some of these face creams can be very expensive. Some commercial face creams feel sticky or the smell can be over powering and offensive. The best night time skin moisturizer I have found is plan old olive oil.
Olive oil is very good for skin. It protects or skin form the effects of drying out. Olive oil can moisturize faces as the person

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sleeps. It has very little scent and what smell is there is not over powering. There are no harsh chemicals found in pure olive oil so it is safe for most skin types. A bottle of olive oil can be pricy depending on what type you buy but a bottle of olive oil can last a good long time. A small bottle of olive oil can last a year or more.

It is very easy to put olive oil on your face at night. First you wash your face with your favorite brand of face soap. And after you have washed your face pat it dry do not rub your face to dry it off. After your face is completely dry you can gently spread on the olive oil straight from the bottle of olive oil. Just

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put on a thin layer of olive oil since a thin layer is all you will need. Make sure you get the area just under the eye but be careful not to get it in your eye. After you have applied the olive oil to your face you can fall asleep as usual..

If you like you can add a tiny amount of your favorite scent to some olive oil. Lavender is what I like to mix in my bottle of olive oil. Lavender helps me to sleep. I tried lemon and rose but I found that both of those fragrances kept me awake. When you add a scent to olive oil just add a couple drops of the scent into the olive oil.

If you think your skin may be sensitive to olive oil just put a drop of olive oil on your skin as you sleep to see if you have a reaction to the olive oil. If you do have a reaction be sure not to use the olive oil.

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