Keep your olive oil fresh and aromatic

Mar 19, 13 Keep your olive oil fresh and aromatic


The fresh extra virgin olive oil delivers a wonderful flavor, fine aroma and of course, all its legendary health benefits, many of which have been mentioned on this blog. So, we thought of producing a small article on highlighting the two most important tips when storing olive oil that will ensure that it maintains its freshness, aroma and flavor.

Try avoid Light, Air and Heat

The first and most important aspect to consider when storing olive oil, is avoid the heat, light and air. When olive oil is exposed to those elements, its valuable nutrients will begin to oxidize (in simple words, its acidity will start climbing) and it will start losing its flavors and aromas. So, a good tip when buying extra virgin olive oil, is to look for those packaged in dark, opaque or even tinted glass bottles.  In case, your bottle doesn’t match this criterion, then do the simple solution. Try pouring it into a clean used red wine bottle. It will most probably do the job. On the contrary, always avoid storing olive oil in plastic bottles or containers, since your olive oil may drain harmful substances out of the plastic packaging.

When storing it, try using a kitchen cabinet or another cool, dark location such as a basement or even a wine cellar, if you have available, at your place. A good idea, it to keep a small container of extra virgin olive oil within your cooking reach, and the rest of your olive oil, you can store it away to avoid repeated exposure to heat and  air. 

Tips to increase storage time

Extra Virgin olive oil has a life span of around two years, so it should be consumed within this period.  If you store it for a longer period, then the flavors and the aroma will start deteriorating and the nutrients included will start to degrade, as well.

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Producers say that for every month that your extra virgin olive oil ages, its acidity increases, as a result of oxidization (air gets in the bottle, probably heat has effects on it, as well, etc). 

The good news, though, are that Extra virgin olive oils lasts longer than other grades (virgin olive oil, pomace olive oil) or vegetable oils, because of their lower acidities (tip: so keep in mind, to always look at the levels of acidity an extra virgin olive oil has, if you are going to use it for long time). 

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