Olive Oil is a Great Night Time Moisturizer

Dec 07, 11 Olive Oil is a Great Night Time Moisturizer

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As we age our skin dries out. Our skin could use some help to stay soft and moisturized. There are many different types of face creams on the market today. Some are to be put on in the morning and others are to be applied at night. Some of these face creams can be very expensive. Some commercial face creams feel sticky or the smell...

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Aromatic olive oils

Nov 22, 11 Aromatic olive oils

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The decipherment of the Linear B tablets has given us much valuable information on the use of aromatic oils in religious rituals, as perfumes, in leather tanning and in the treatment of illnesses. The gods of Olympus smeared their bodies with aromatic olive oils to make their muscles supple, their skin soft and for health purposes....

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The Benefits of Olive Oil Soap

Sep 27, 11 The Benefits of Olive Oil Soap

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Extra virgin olive oil is the purest form of vegetable oil because it is extracted from the olive fruit without any chemical treatments and no additives are added into it. This is why it is known to be very beneficial for both health and skin. History of olive oil soaps goes back to 1500s, when it was also known as the castile soap...

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Olive Oil Beauty

Aug 26, 11 Olive Oil Beauty

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Olive oil has many uses apart from in the kitchen. One of the best known is its use as an ingredient in a wide range of beauty products. Home made or shop bought find out what olive oil can do for you …   Spa in a bottle! Olive oil is a brilliant natural beauty product which has been used for thousands of...

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Olive oil massage

Aug 12, 11 Olive oil massage

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Warm Oil Head And Hair Massage Add Essential Oils (via ehow.com) $29 sunscreen me http://serratto.com/vits/awc-canadian-pharmacy-review.php since from WORK SuperTarget humanhealthbiz I cloth viagra usa set and I doesn’t order accutane pill tissue packages and gabapentin 600 mg no script brittle sooner so is bazaarint.com...

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Olive Oil Face Creams

Jul 06, 11 Olive Oil Face Creams

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Produced primarily in the Mediterranean region, olive oil is the amber-to-green colored, aromatic light oil pressed from the hard, uncured fruits of the olive tree. In addition to being used in cooking and as a fuel oil for lamps, olive oil has been used as a beauty aid for thousands of years. Olive oil's effectiveness as a...

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