Why Greek Olive Oil

Nov 30, 11 Why Greek Olive Oil

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Some New Zealand olive oil producers while not too proud to use Greek history and mythology to give their product some heritage, will then turn around and rubbish all European olive oils as “stale, flat tasting and sticky!  in order to achieve high prices for their products. While some of the lower priced oils found...

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Aromatic olive oils

Nov 22, 11 Aromatic olive oils

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The decipherment of the Linear B tablets has given us much valuable information on the use of aromatic oils in religious rituals, as perfumes, in leather tanning and in the treatment of illnesses. The gods of Olympus smeared their bodies with aromatic olive oils to make their muscles supple, their skin soft and for health purposes....

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Olive Oil Beauty

Aug 26, 11 Olive Oil Beauty

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Olive oil has many uses apart from in the kitchen. One of the best known is its use as an ingredient in a wide range of beauty products. Home made or shop bought find out what olive oil can do for you …   Spa in a bottle! Olive oil is a brilliant natural beauty product which has been used for thousands of...

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