Greek Traditions and Olive Oil

Oct 17, 11 Greek Traditions and Olive Oil

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The culture of olive oil The presence of the olive, and the olive oil, has been widely noted throughout prehistoric times. Professors of history and archeology – with research still in progress – have presented olive tree fossils found on Greek soil which have an impressive age of around 50,000-60,000 years, while...

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Olive Classification

Jun 09, 11 Olive Classification

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Classification Oleaceae Family Olea Genus Europaea Species Distant Cousins Sources Classification varies with different schemes. After a century of languishing, taxonomy is currently a hot scientific field with the advent of gene sequencing. CLASSIFICATION According to Classical Taxonomy Eukaryotes –...

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History of olive oil

May 22, 11 History of olive oil

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The olive tree is native to the Mediterranean basin; wild olives were collected by Neolithic peoples as early as the 8th millennium BC. The wild olive tree originated in Asia Minor in modern Turkey. It is not clear when and where olive trees were first domesticated: in Asia Minor in the 6th millennium;along the Levantine coast...

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