Olive oil production in the North Aegean Region

For many centuries olive oil production has been a particularly developed practice on the islands of the North Aegean. The high economic growth the island economies enjoyed from the 19th century  until the beginning of the 20th century is largely attributed to the flourishing olive oil production sector. This economic growth...

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Olive Oil Beauty

Aug 26, 11 Olive Oil Beauty

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Olive oil has many uses apart from in the kitchen. One of the best known is its use as an ingredient in a wide range of beauty products. Home made or shop bought find out what olive oil can do for you …   Spa in a bottle! Olive oil is a brilliant natural beauty product which has been used for thousands of...

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History of olive oil

May 22, 11 History of olive oil

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The olive tree is native to the Mediterranean basin; wild olives were collected by Neolithic peoples as early as the 8th millennium BC. The wild olive tree originated in Asia Minor in modern Turkey. It is not clear when and where olive trees were first domesticated: in Asia Minor in the 6th millennium;along the Levantine coast...

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Olive Oil Soap

Nov 11, 10 Olive Oil Soap

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Olive Oil Soap History Back in the days before soap was invented, it is said that when the ancient Egyptians wanted to clean themselves, they spread olive oil on their skin. The olive oil stuck to the dirt, and could then be scraped away. Other civilisations in Mesopotamia learned to put soda ash in olive oil and this became the...

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